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The most inspirational movies for job seekers


Inspiration for job seekers

Every job seeker appreciates every help and especially inspiration he or she can possibly get. When you are about to attend a dozen job interviews, you need something to raise your spirits. Can you think of a better way to recharge your motivation batteries than to watch an inspirational movie? When it comes to the most inspirational movies for job seekers, we have come up with a list of a few of…

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How to find a job without a LinkedIn account?

#social networks #Linkedin

You have probably stumbled upon hundreds of articles online that teach you how to find a job with the help of LinkedIn. That’s great and very useful. However, here’s a question worth asking. What if, regardless of the particular reason, you don’t have or you don’t want to create a LinkedIn account? Does it mean that you’re automatically doomed or disqualified regarding your chances of getting a new job? …

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Your salary expectations: To begin or end your job interview with?

#job interview #salary

Salary discussion in a job interview

All job interview roads lead to Rome called – your salary expectations. That's what all job interviews are all about. What about your salary expectations? May we discuss my salary expectations? Sooner or later, this way or another, you will have to be Jerry Maguire and do your show-me-the-money thing. Now, there's a catch. Where should a story about your salary expectations begin – at the very beg…

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